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Plant stand
Build a stand of treated pine
collection of special plants for maximum visible
benefit. The stand includes a built-in gravel filled tray
which holds water to provide high humidity for plants
which need extra moisture.
Here’s how
Cut legs and rails to
length (A, B, C). Set them
out on a table with the rails
crossing the legs. The lower
rails are positioned 70mm
from the base of the legs.
Scribe where each member
crosses the other to mark in
the housings for the halved
joints. Make a series of
17mm deep cuts on the
waste side of each line for
each halved joint and chisel
out the waste. Fit the rails
and legs together again.
Use a sharp chisel to adjust
the depth of housings so
the rails and legs are flush
fitting. Join them by drilling
a 6mm hole and insert
a cup head bolt, washer
and nut (D).
Join the two end frame
assemblies with the back
rails (E). They are screwed
to the back of the rear legs,
with the bottom edge
aligned with the top of
the leg rails and the
top one flush with the top
of the back legs. Centre the
middle frame assembly
between the sides and
screw in place.
Add three of the slats (F)
spaced equally across the
top rail to support the metal
tray (G), and add the fourth
to the front of the frame with
its edge projecting 25mm
above the front slat so the
tray does not slide off.
Cut out three small
brackets (H) by expanding
the template supplied.
Screw to the face of the
frame at the top. Add the
last two slats (F) to form
a top shelf.
Nail lattice (I) onto the
back of the unit, checking
Item H
that the plant stand is
square. If your lattice is too
high leave it in place to act
as a backdrop to the pots on
the upper shelf.
Place the metal tray on
the slats and fill with 25kg of
10mm rounded river gravel.
Then bring on the plants
and arrange them in an
attractive display.
One square = 40 x 40mm
Item Part Size Material
Rear legs (3) 70 x 35 x 1200mm Treated pine
Front legs (3) 70 x 35 x 500mm Treated pine
Rails (6) 70 x 35 x 600mm Treated pine
Cup head bolts (12) 50 x 6mm Galvanised steel
Back rails (3) 70 x 22 x 1700mm Pine decking
Slats (6) 90 x 22 x 1700mm Pine decking
Tray 1700 x 450 x 25 x 2mm Aluminium
Brackets (3) 90 x 35 x 160mm Treated pine
Lattice 1200 x 1800mm Treated pine
Pebbles 10mm x 25kg River gravel
As we are using treated pine, use galvanised hardware throughout. The aluminium tray was
made by a local sheet metal fabricator at a cost of $95. To save money, it would be cheaper to
make it from galvanised steel. Adjust the size of the stand to suit a tray of different size.
n exterior plant stand is a great way to display a
[ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]