Step 13, 2014-08-10 Mike Johnson - Autoblog Blueprint 13-AutoBloggingTechniques

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While we covered some actual techniques for Monetizing your Auto Blogs in Step 12, the reality
is sometimes you just need a couple of ideas to get you started. The important thing to
remember as I have said since the Getting Started Page in the beginning: Go through this Entire
Blueprint first, then go through it again and after that, start building your Auto Blogs. There is a
lot of information here that is crucial to your success and glazing over the entire Blueprint in an
Auto Blog Examples
There are several different types of Auto Blogs. Everyone gets bogged down into thinking
articles, Video, add some ads and I am done. Make Money Now!
Unfortunatelyitdoesn’tworkthatway. What you need to do is look at Auto Blogging from a
Types of Active Auto Blogs: (from Basic to more Advanced)
Directory Auto Blogs.
Using the DirectoryPress Theme from PremiumPress in
Step 7
I have built
an entire Directory Network of Niche Directories. These sites are linked together. Normally I
General Directory together. I publish cloaked affiliate links to the Directories, with the actual
Site Name in the listing as the .com, .net, .org, etc. I average 20-25 new Directory Listings per
day from REAL Visitors. All I did was some minor Forum Surfing in 3 Directory Forums to get
started with some signature links in my Forum Signatures. Then I promoted like normal
(Module 4). Thesesitesdon’tmakealot of money, mainly through Advertising and
Adsense. Some Paid Listings, but not much, but they still average around $.50-$4 per day.
Product Listing Sites with Datafeeds.
I have
sites that are just Product related sites. I use
MyReviewPlugin with different Themes for different Product Niches (very tight, small
Niches). No more than 100 Posts of Products on each site. I also have used the ShopperPress
Theme from PremiumPress (
Step 7
) quite a few times as well. All the PremiumPress Themes
work well and have integrated CSV file import if you need it with automatic link cloaking. The
products and listings have associated Ebay auction listings. I make most of my Money through
Ebay on these sites.
Product Comparison Sites.
Auto Blogging Price Comparison is easy using EZ Empire Builder and
CSV Affiliate Feeds. 2 of my main EZEB sites are Price Comparison sites where I list Single
Products, then serve multiple listings for the same product from different sites with phpBay,
phpZON, phpOStock, WP Mage Plugin, and the CompariPress Plugin. Configure based
on your Niche, Content, and Product Offerings.
Coupon Auto Blogs
. Using another PremiumPress Theme, this can be made easy, but you can
also use any Auto Blogging tool that works with Feeds. Having a Product related Coupon Code
site where the Coupons auto expire sounds tough, but with this tool, you can mix it up. The
hidden cost:
You have to register all of your Affiliate Network IDs and
select the Merchants you want to work with. These sites only work as small niche Auto Blogs
with Content categories as well as the Coupon Codes.
Classified Ad Sites with Ebay Auctions.
A very popular Auto Blogging Technique for those of us
who use a combination of the Auction2Post theme which will expire and delete listings like
what would happen on a normal Classified ad site. EachListinghas“ssociated”Listingswhich
are phpBay listed Ebay Auctions in the same category. Use tight niches on this Technique as
well and use Smart404 for your deleted Listings. You will still get traffic for them, so capture
them with the Smart404 Plugin and this Technique:
I use several themes like this,
but the ClassiPress and the Classifieds Themes are both built perfectly for it.
Personal Help with CPA.
Create a self help or personal cure site for almost every ailment
imaginable ad use CPA products that are focused on Help in the Ailment/ Health
industry. Narrow your Niche down once again for the Best results.
Spun PLR with Clickbank Inner Links.
As was said on the Previous Page, this technique, whether
you use a Plugin like WP Robot or Spun PLR like I do most of the time (posted with Blog Hatter
from my computer) after Spinning with
Easy technique to implement. Keep
the ads in your Sidebar to a minimum and keep focused on good Value added Content.
*These are just a few ideas, but I will be Posting New Advanced Auto Blogging Techniques
Below Once per Month. So stay tuned for More Content.
Video Technique #1:
Now we are done Module 3 and it is time to move on to the Backlinking and Traffic Blueprint
in Module 4. Time to get things going and push some traffic to these Auto Blogs we have
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