Step 6b, 2014-08-10 Mike Johnson - Autoblog Blueprint 06b-BasePlugins

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Step 6b Base Plugins Cont
Performance and Site Speed:
The most complete Optimization and Site Page Caching Plugin available. After
doing extensive testing, this Plugin is essential for speeding up your Auto Blogs and can be used
with a Content Delivery Network like MAXCDN to Speed it up even more. Using this Plugin will
work better on your sites than the WP Super Cache Plugin. It is a little complicated, but I am
going to show you how to use just a few simple settings to make it work easily on your
sites. Sites like and use this Plugin on their Mega Sites.
A number of the Javascript libraries distributed with WordPress are also
This Plugin allows your WordPress site to use the
from your WordPress install directly. Taken Right from the Description. I set and forget Plugin
for enhancing site speed.
Smushit is a Yahoo API which optimizes Images for the Web by making them Web
Friendly and smaller in size, thus they load faster. WP Smushit utilizes the API automatically
when installed and activated, but if Your blog already had images in the Media Library, you can
go through each one in the WP-dminMediaLibrarySettingsandchoosetouse“Smushit”to
optimize each one of your sites Pictures which have been uploaded through the Media
Uploader on Your site or has been uploaded to Your wp-content > uploads folder. This will not
break images and if an image is already optimized for the web, nothing will happen to it. WP-
Smushit will show you how much it has optimized each Media File after it is done.
Cloudflare is a high powered Website Speed and Security Optimization tool that
worksthroughyourwebsite’sDNSsettings. It is a very advanced and powerful tool for
increasingyourblog’sperformanceandsecurity. The Advanced features here act like a CDN
(Content Delivery Network) by using advanced Caching techniques. This service works in
concert with the W3 Total Cache Plugin to create super fast page load times, increasing your
site’sSEObygivingGoogleafastersite,couplingthiswitha better visitor experience. The
of the ABB unnecessary and this Plugin could easily be listed below as one of the top Security
plugins as well.
*Do not use this service if you do not understand how to use DNS or set your
Nameservers. Watch the video below for more information.
Security and SPAM:
This plugin comes Pre-Installed in WordPress and now requires a Paid API Key. If you
still have an OLD API Key that works with Akismet, be aware they could pull
support for the OLD API soon.
Next to Akismet, one of the most powerful Anti-SPAM Plugins available for
WordPress and works just as good without Akismet. This has been added to the ABB 3.0 again
to enhance site security, plus we now will use this Plugin to add in our Contact Us Page as you
will see in the Video and as it will be covered later in the Essential Pages Step. It is easy to use
as you will see in the video below.
*This security plugin should only be used by Users who understand how
to use the .htaccess file and have gone through the Tutorial on the BulletProof Security
This plugin is the ultimate in security and stops cold most attack points that happen
throughvulnerabilitiesinyoursite’s.htaccessfile. This plugin does even more than this as
well. For all of the Advanced Features, besuretovisitthesite’shomepageaswell.
*Not Included in the ABB Optimized Install due to its Advanced Feature set.
Social Engagement Plugins:
This Plugin will help you administer Free Mailing lists of individuals who subscribe
to your Blog Content. You have to Signup for the MailChimp service, but it is Free while you are
under 500 Subscribers and you can send numerous messages and setup AutoResponder
messages as well. You can always substitute this Plugin with any other Opt-in Plugin that may
meet the requirements of the Mailing List Service you use better. Ex. Aweber, GetResponse,
etc. Gathering emails for promotional purposes is important, but you must also remember to
keep each list Niche focused to ensure your Promotions are focused as well.
his Social plugin is lightweight and very flexible. The options go from beginner level
to very advanced with its usage. The main benefit is that your blog will not be weighed down
like with the use of the SexyBookmarks Plugin. Don’tletthenamefoolyou,thisplugindoesa
lot more than just use Digg.
Not included in the ABB Optimized Install. Use either this Plugin
or the Wibiya Toolbar below on your site.
 Post to Your Facebook Wall or Fan Page Instantly with every Post from what I
consider to be the Best Facebook plugin available as it does almost everything you would want
a Facebook Plugin to do. Updated Constantly, this is a great addition to the Wibiya Toolbar
belowasyoucanadd“Like”buttonstoeveryPost and Page automatically
. *This is not a part of
the ABB Optimized Install.
Post to Twitter instantly with every Post and BRAND your site. Your
Twitter Links will all have your domain name as where the posts came from and not some other
software or site like Downside of this and the Wordbooker plugins are they can be
heavy on resources and that is why they are both not a part of the base Install. This particular
plugin has a ton of additional Twitter specific plugins that come with it and it can load up your
plugins folder pretty quick. On the upside, it is a great tool depending on how you want to
implement Twitter into Your blog.
*This is not a part of the ABB Optimized Install.
While this tool carries a little load time, it is still very lightweight. I am
using it on my main sites now as a standard. It carries a lot of Social Interaction capabilities and
will help you receive as much or as little interaction on your site as you want. This is a Free
Service with an enhanced upgrade service. Unless you have an Authority site with a huge
visitor base, the Free Version is more than enough. I am only using the Free Version now and it
has increased the Social Interaction on my sites by 30% by itself.
Watch the video for more
information. Not Included in the ABB Optimized Install.
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