Step 6c, 2014-08-10 Mike Johnson - Autoblog Blueprint 06c-EnhancementPlugins

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Step 6c: Enhancement Plugins
These Plugins Enhance SEO and/ or Blog functionality and can help your Auto Blog
immensely, depending on the Niche and Style of site you are building.
*These are NOT required Plugins and only one of them is part of the Base Installation. Only
Install the Plugins you need from this list below for your individual Blogs that require them
based on your Plan of Action.
While this is a Paid Plugin, it is a great tool for being able to maximize the SEO of
each and every Post on your blog. This plugin will tell you exactly what your Posts require in
order to be 100% SEO Optimized, help with Keyword Research and Density numbers, and help
with Backlink Building as well. It does more than that and can be very useful for Beginners who
are not as SEO savvy as more advanced users and require additional details on what Steps to
take when Optimizing for On Page SEO. One of the Best On-Page SEO Plugins available.
. Create Post and Page Templates and Insert Content in any way you see fit with this
Plugin which allows you to create unique designs from within any theme and layout Content
any way you want with HTML, etc.
WP Insert will insert Ads into your WordPress Installation anywhere you want
them. It has an enhanced functionality with over 15 Widgets you can use to implement
advertising and different monetization technique across your sites. It also has the ability to add
in additional functionality to your wordpress editor and more. This Plugin is part of the ABB
Optimized Install. Please watch the video below for more information.
*Included in the ABB
Optimized Install.
With Ad Injection you can literally place ads anywhere you want on your site,
regardless of the type of advertisement it is. There are tons of options and the only reason this
Plugin is not a part of the Optimizaed Install is because of how advanced it is. This plugin has so
many features that it can be a little intimidating to a beginner. Very Powerful with A/B Testing,
Rotations, etc.
In Version 1.0 of the Auto Blog Blueprint this was a Primary
Plugin and I still use it on over 80% of my Blogs. I have switched to using the Related Posts
function of Simple Tags instead of using this Plugin because I am attempting to cut down on
Resources and Speed up the Auto Blogs we build as this Plugin tends to be a resource hog.
The Insights Plugin will allow you to quickly add content to your Auto Blogs like Videos
and Articles based on Keywords that you input. It is also a great Plugin for creating the
Targeted Inner Links that you will require as part of the SEO Plan.
A great Plugin for keeping the content you want your Visitors to see on
the top of your Categories/ Pages/ etc. This can be used a little as part of a couple of my
Content and Monetization techniques in Module 3, or you can also use the similar feature in
GDPress Tools.
This Plugin will identify where a visitor is coming from and will allow you to
create a custom message for visitors coming from different locations. Examples: Google, Digg,
Twitter, etc. A very nifty Plugin for catching your Visitors attention when they first arrive at
your site. The message only displays to new visitors from targeted locations you select in the
options section.
This simple Plugin will create a new post page for each and every
comment posted to your site and it will post outside your normal posting environment, so it
won’tmesswithanything. It links back to the main post where the comment was made and
provides you with more link juice for your blog. A nifty little Auto Blog only tool.
This Plugin gives you another way to re-Post more of your content by
providing your Auto Blog with a Daily, Weekly, or monthly Summary of your best performing
blog posts. It has a nice set of features that let you decide exactly what Posts are seen in this
This Plugin allows you to choose how many posts are displayed
on different pages within your Blog. Itoverwritesthedefaultsettingsandlet’syou choose how
many Posts are listed on Search, Archive, and your main blog category pages and more. Great
Plugin for any Blog really. This is a free Plugin, but it must be registered.
ThisPluginhasn’tbeenupdatedinawhile,butitstillworks. With Smart 404 you
continuetoProfitevenwhenavisitordoesn’tfindthepagehewaslookingfor. This Plugin uses
the search terms that were being looked for to help a user find something similar on your Blog.
Newly updated, this is a great Plugin for keeping your links intact in case
Affiliate or any Links stop working on your Blog. This Plugin will let you know before your stats
tell you that you have lost money.
Mobile Search Engine. This is the most Advanced Mobile Ready package for ensuring that when
visitors come to your Blog via Mobile devices that they are able to Surf your Content
effectively. Being Mobile capable is becoming more and more essential.
Not essential, but by adding a Favicon to your Blog, it will increase your
site’s respectability by showing everyone who visits an icon of your choice in the Browser they
are using, plus it will save that icon in the Favorites of anyone who Bookmarks one of your
pages. Most Spiders also Search for Favicons when Crawling your sites, thus when you do not
have one it generates a large amount of 404 Not Found Errors.
 With some Auto Blog Plugins, you can get content that produces Titles that are
not in Title Case. Having all Lower Case titles will make your site look like an Auto Blog
quickly. If you find that this is a problem, load this Plugin into your blog.
shortening service to do it for you. Here is the caveat to that: Twitter will only accept links that
are 30 Characters or less before they are shortened by Twitter automatically. A lot of domains
can reach the 30 Character count without adding in the Post Content. For
is 28 Characters by itself. If I now add a 3
Letter/Number combination it will be over the 30 Character limit thus shortening it with my
ownShortener(PrettyLinks)didn’tdoanythingforme. Great Plugin, but for use on relatively
short domains. There is a Pro Version, but I think the same limitations apply.
A great Stats Plugin for your Blog which will let you see when the Search
Engine Spiders and Bots visit your site, not to mention show you how many visitors you have
each day, page views, feed uses, and what pages people are visiting on your blog. *In Module 3
I will talk more about site analytics and statistics tools for keeping up with your Auto
. Clicky is my preferred tool, See Module 3 for more Information.
There are a ton of other Plugins that are just as good as the ones listed here. These are just
my recommendations for your Base set of WordPress Plugins. I will show you additional
Plugins throughout the remainder of the Auto Blog Blueprint that are either advanced tools
or very specialized.
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