Step 7, 2014-08-10 Mike Johnson - Autoblog Blueprint 07-Themes

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Adding themes to your WordPress Auto Blog is something you can do upon installation, it might
be something you already picked out while you were conducting Planning Your Strategy, doing
Niche Research, or you may still be trying to figure out what theme you are going to
use. Themes can make or break a site and it is the same for your Auto Blogs.
Identifying Your Theme
Auto Blogs by nature always carry the possibility of being lost due to their categorization as a
“thin”affiliatesitebyGoogle. The theme you choose can help prevent this for manual reviews
of your site and we will talk about how to prevent it in the Content and Monetization
Module. The main thing to remember is that you can use a Premium theme on an Auto Blog,
butdon’tusethesamethemeonallofyourutoBlogs. By doing this, you display a Footprint
of your own. One which you might do the same thing over and over for convenience and it
ends up being the thing that burns you. Thatwayyoudon’testablishapatternforallofyour
sites and then you get Slapped by Google after all of your hard work. That being said, there are
New Framework Themes like Catalsyt that are built for Multi-site use with a Flexible Design that
allows for changes to the look and feel of each site you create. I have tested this to a large
extent recently with good results and Google knows a lot of different sites are being built on
these Framework themes now..
Part of picking your theme is going back to what we talked about in the beginning, developing a
strategy. Adding your theme is not the last thing you do to your Blog, but it is the continuing
process of implementing your strategy and should always be considered a work in progress. I
have finished sites and gone and changed my theme after I was done because I saw my site
going in a better direction or had a better idea. WordPress is flexible this way and changing
themes is a very simple process.
*KEY NOTE: Thereisnosuchthingasan“utoBlog”themeorathemethatisthebestfor
Auto Blogging. We are building Value added Blogs which means any theme that fits your
niche is the best theme. Some people will make you think there are extra special themes that
have super SEO properties, but in reality, the thing that makes a theme the most SEO Friendly
is good solid code that is lightweight and fast loading. Plus it should use H1 tags for
Titles. After that, the use of our SEO Plugins and other tools are the only SEO impacts a
theme really has.
Defining Your Design Plan:
Do you know what type of site you are going to create? A content site with Adsense? An
Affiliate Product site with Auctions? A Review site with Affiliate products and
Auctions? Answer these questions and then ask yourself the most important question: What
kind of theme will work best with my Auto Blog Type? Do you want to add in Banner
Advertising? A Follow me button for Twitter?
How do I want my Content Laid Out on My Site?
Once you have answered at least most of these questions, it is then time to look at
themes. Sometimes just browsing through themes and seeing their capabilities helps trigger
ideasthatmaybeyoudidn’thavebefore. One important thing to note is that while you may
want to go hog wild, keeping things simple is most often best, especially if you are new to
WordPress and WordPress Themes.
Google Adsense Blogs vs. Other Blogs
There is one important thing to factor in when picking themes when it comes between a site
you are going to use for Google Adsense and a site you are going to use for promoting Affiliate
Products. The Plugin we are going to use here for Google Adsense will input Adsense Ads in all
the best places on your Blog. It is not perfect, but it is close. So having the perfect Adsense
friendly theme is not always required. In fact, what I have found is that UGLY makes Adsense
profits explode. Why? If a web surfer finds your Auto Blog because you have good, keyword
friendly content on your site, he is going to expect to find that content. When the visitor arrives
and finds a bland, non attractive site, more than often he is either going to hit the back button
or he is going to click on a Google Adsense Ad that might take him to the content he was
looking for. It works and is still working. I am not talking about a trashy site. I am talking about
seen. Remember, this site still has to be able to pass a manual review by Google as well.
We are not here to create Junk Sites. We Want to Build Value Added Sites with
Valuable Content input on Autopilot.
Building a Value added Content or Product site can seem like a challenge at first, but if you can
visualize how you would like to see the content and ads from your niche on a Theme, then you
just have to find the Theme to match your idea or use an Advance Framework Theme to build
your design yourself. On the other hand, if you are hopelessly confused, look at other
competing sites in your niche for ideas. Then look through available Themes for one that
matches your Niche or at least gives you the a fell that you can see as credible for your
Niche. stimegoesonandyoubuildmoreandmore,youwillseetheBlog’sdesigninyour
mind long before you see the Theme.
**Your utoBlogsshouldn’tlooklikeutoBlogs The work you put in here on the front end
of starting this Blog will pay off greatly down the road.
The Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 Micro Niche Flex Theme
Through a strategic Partnership of mine, I was able to have a Theme built for the Auto Blog
Blueprint that met all of the criteria that I would want in a Low Cost, yet Flexible WordPress
Theme. The Micro Niche Flex Theme does not link back to this site and has a very minimal
Footprint. Itcanbechangesandormodifiedfromit’sThemeControlPaneltochangethe
Header and Blogs Title structures, site colors, layout and more. It is only
for an
Site License.
For more information on the Micro Niche Flex Theme,
Free Theme Resources
Here is a quick list of the best places I know of to find quality Free WordPress Themes. There
are many, many more and you might have your favorites already.
Here in the
Downloads Section
there are
Free Niche Theme available
for Download. There are also
120 Niche Theme Headers
with both JPEG and PSD Files for easy
editing for your Niche sites.
Here at you will find the largest repository of Free
WordPress Themes on the web. A great resource for Free themes.
All the themes on this great site are 100% free. Some look the same except
for a slight change in color, but they have great features and are very easy to use.
One of the most popular free themes on the web. I use this theme quite
often and it is the theme of choice for the ReviewAZON Affiliate Plugin developer.
Recommended Themes for Advanced Usage
The Themes listed below are Advanced or Multi-Purpose Framework Themes with Flexible
options. Some are very easy to use and others require some additional training, but none are
beyond learning in a very short time.
My current favorite theme and the foundation for this site. After a serious amount
of research I have found that the Frugal Theme is the most highly optimized and easy to use
Advanced Theme Framework on the market. As a Framework Theme, you can either add Child
Themes to it that are already completely designed and then still modify them to your desire or
you can just design your blog yourself completely without knowing any Code
whatsoever. When I first used the Theme I was overwhelmed by the features, but after I
watched some of the Tutorial videos, I found it extremely easy to use. This site is Built with the
Frugal Theme.
Running a close second to Frugal is Builder by iThemes. This is so Flexible that you can
create individual designs for different pages within your site and you can create complete
landing pages with ease with this Framework Theme that also has a ton of Child Themes you
can use.
In the Framework Theme Wars, Genesis is running right next to Frugal and Builder in
capabilities and function. It’scodeisn’tassleekandoptimizedasFrugal,but it is one of the
best Themes available as well with multiple child themes too.
This was my favorite Theme until I used Frugal and Builder. I use this on my
main blog site and it is a very good Theme. You can change the layout, colors, fonts, and
more. You can literally create a hundred different theme variations with this one theme and it
is easy to use, even for beginners. They have great videos that make it easy to master in a very
short time.
Thesis is the most popular theme for WordPress period. It is customizable beyond
belief. I like the other Themes listed above better due to ease of use, but if you are a master at
WordPress and WP Themes, this is the theme for you. Votedtheweb’sbest,Iguessitcan’tbe
all bad. I find it to be harder to customize than the other Themes listed here but its code is very
SEO Friendly and it is optimized for Speed.
This a a low cost Marketplace for high quality Niche themes. Once you go
there,youcan’tstopbrowsing. Some of these themes can be quite advanced, so read before
you buy.
Specialized Themes I Recommend:
All of the Premium Press Themes are Perfect for Auto Blogging and I use every
single one of them on different sites I have. The specialty Themes you can get here
are: ShopperPress, DirectoryPress, CouponPress, Classifieds Theme, and RealtorPress. They
have built in functionality that make them perfect for Auto Blogging and still maintaining a very
professional looking site with enhanced graphics.
 30% Off Coupon Code for all Themes at PremiumPress:
(listed in Module 3) has a great integration module for this theme which makes it almost
perfect to use.
One of my favorite Themes for building landing page style Auto Blogs. There are
so many customization you can do to the FlexSqueeze sites that you can easily integrate an
Advanced Auto Blog Plugin Template in it to look and feel like any CPA Landing page you have
ever seen. First rate product.
*Note: You can pick the best theme in the world, but if your content and ads do not flow
neatly across the theme, then you are wasting your time. When you design your site, look at
theBlogandsaytoyourself,“WouldIvisitthissiteandclickonanything?” If the answer is
no, then you need to go and find a site you like and copy what someone else has done with
the layout and flow of their site. There is nothing wrong with borrowing a good idea.
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