Stephani Hecht - Night Wardens 02 - Coffin Dodger, New folder 1

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Sometimes even the strongest of love can’t
overcome the darkest of evil.
As a Warden destined to protect humanity from
supernatural threats, Ari knows that he has to be
strong, brave and, most of all, mentally stable. Try
telling that to his brain. Ever since he was held as
an unwilling blood slave by a band of feral
vampires, Ari has been everything a Warden
shouldn’t bescared, angry and unstable. While
he tries to maintain a brave front for his fellow
Wardens, cracks in his facade are starting to show,
especially when feral vampires attack the city and
the Wardens must eliminate the threat.
Adam hadn’t felt whole since his fellow
Warden, Ari, was kidnapped. Even though they
got Ari back, he hasn’t been the same. Gone is the
happy, teasing man Adam fell in love with,
replaced by a brooding, angry stranger. When Ari
must face his past, both good and bad, his
instability only increases. Will Adam’s love be
enough to heal Ari’s emotional wounds, or will
Ari be lost to the darkness…this time for good?
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Coffin Dodger
Copyright © 2011 Stephani Hecht
ISBN: 978-1-7711-1-044-0
Cover art by Martine Jardin
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Coffin Dodger
Night Wardens Two
Stephani Hecht
Dedicated to Jamey Rodemeyer and all of the
other lost Little Monsters out there. We love
and miss you all.
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