Stephani Hecht - The Odds Maker(1), mm

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Love or survival? Sometimes, the answer is a lot
harder than it would seem.
One thing’s for certainhaving the names
Wright, Justice, Salvation, Might and Defeat sucks,
big time. Not only does it make them the butt end
of jokes, but it also sounds like something a
romance writer with an overinflated ego would
name the characters of their books.
Then again, Subject 198′s children have little
choice in any matters, let alone their names. Bred
and born in a lab, they’re a mutation of shifter
mixed with human. They are also the last secret
the human government holds about the shifter
world and their most dangerous weapon.
The last thing they need is for Wright to spot a
certain Wolf halflingone that is so cute, Wright
doesn’t even notice that Wolf walks with a limp
and has worse asthma issues than a nerd from an
eighties movie. Finding a mate is something his
owners have forbidden Wright from ever doing.
So just how does one go about leaving a branch
of the government that doesn’t allow anybody to
leavethat is unless they are in a body bag?
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The Odds Maker
Copyright © 2012 Stephani Hecht
Cover art by Martine Jardin
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The Odds Maker
A Wayne County Shifters Nibble
Stephani Hecht
Author’s Note:
I have some good and bad news. The bad news is
that Braxton’s Salvation will be coming out on
December 1st instead of November 15th. I feel like
a donkey’s butt for letting you guys down. I was
just released from the hospital, yet again, due to
complications from exhaustion.
Fret not, however, I will have something for
you today. It will just be a small 5K release with a
portion going to the Ruth Ellis Center, which
many of you know is one of my favorite charities.
Normally, I would just give something like this
away as a free readhowever this time of year,
the Ruth Ellis needs as much help as they can. I
don’t need to tell you how cold the Michigan
winters can get and we need to get these kids to a
warm, safe place.
I decided to give you a sneak peek into
Braxton’s and Wright’s story. It’s a scene that
would have been cut from the original, so it’s a
unique look. I hope you enjoy, and thank you.
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