Stephani Hecht - The Prodigal Brother-A Canton Family Christmas, mm

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Is there ever a time when you really can’t
redeem yourself? And if so, then what’s left to live
At one time, Brock was the dream child of the
Canton family. Not only was he the oldest, but he
was predicted to be the number one draft pick for
the NHL. All those dreams were shattered when
Brock suffered a career-ending injury. Depressed
over his loss, he became lost in an addiction to
drugs. Not only that, but he betrayed his three
younger brothers to the point that they never want
to see him again.
But that was then, and now Brock is clean and
sober. While his brothers still don’t trust him, they
give him a job at the rink they own. It’s there that
Brock meets Jimmy, the only openly gay player in
the NHL.
Sparks instantly fly between the two of them,
but will Brock be able to fight his addiction and
his past long enough to find his HEA? But then
again, it is Christmastime, and they do say that is
when miracles happen.
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The Prodigal Brother-A Canton Family Christmas
Copyright © 2012 Stephani Hecht
ISBN: 978-1-77111-413-4
Cover art by Martine Jardin
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The Prodigal Brother-A Canton
Family Christmas
Blue Line Hockey Series Book
Stephani Hecht
Dedicated to all the hockey fans out there. May
the lockout end soon.
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