Straightforward Progress Test 1 Intermediate, PG ETI AiR i eletele, Jezyk Angielski

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Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 1
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Language section
A Complete the text with words and phrases from the box.
uncomfortable telling the truth fidgeting
easy to see don’t know body language straight
When you ask people to describe themselves, it is often a good idea to watch their
_______________ as well as listening to what they say. The reason for this is that people often feel
_______________ talking about themselves and sometimes tell lies. As you
anything about the person, it can be difficult to tell if they are lying from their answers but
_______________ from their body language. When people aren’t
_______________, they
won’t look you
_______________ in the eyes and you’ll notice a lot of
B Choose the correct word or expression a, b, or c to complete 8–4.
Could you tell me where I can __________ the number 43 bus?
a) arrive b) catch c) set off
Can you __________ near the university, please?
a) drop me off b) see me off c) run into me
I live in a semi-__________ house in Manchester.
a) apartment block b) rented c) detached
I often find it difficult to __________ up in the morning.
a) go b) make c) wake
I __________ Joe tonight.
a) am seeing b) watch c) see
Do you want me to __________ him anything?
a) telling b) tell c) speak
Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 1 p1
What are you __________?
a) do b) think c) thinking
C Complete the text with the correct words or phrases.
I really love travelling and
I went
I’ve been
to lots of different countries. Last month
visited / I’ve visited
South Africa and really enjoyed myself. I
find / am finding
it a fascinating
country and would like to go back again. One thing I found really strange there was driving because
have to / don’t have to
drive on the left. When I was there, we
drove / have driven
all the
time because it’s the best way to see the country. At the moment
I plan / I’m planning
my next
trip to South Africa. I’m hoping to go next month, but I
must / mustn’t
save up for the flight.
That’s why
I work / I’m working
so much. So far
I saved up / I’ve saved up
about £600. I
think I’ll have enough money by the end of next week.
D Correct the mistakes in the sentences. There is one mistake in each sentence.
You are appearing to be telling the truth.
What you think?
I’ve seen her two days ago.
I’m sorry, but you aren’t let to smoke here.
I’m often getting up at 6 o’clock.
Remember, you mustn’t come if you don’t want to.
Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 1 p2
Functional language
E Complete 30–33 with words and phrases from the box.
to the train station, please? if I sit here?
one pound, please. go to the train station?
Do you mind __________________________________________________________
Does this bus __________________________________________________________
Can I have a single __________________________________________________________
That’ll be __________________________________________________________
F Complete the conversation with the questions and sentences from exercise E.
Excuse me!
Bus driver:
Yes, we go there.
Great. Can I have
Bus driver:
Excuse me!
No, no, not at all.
G Choose the correct response for each question.
What does your boyfriend look like?
a) He’s tall and has wavy brown hair.
b) Skiing and going to the cinema with me.
c) He’s clever and very polite.
What is your boyfriend like?
a) He’s tall and has wavy brown hair.
b) Skiing and going to the cinema with me.
c) He’s clever and very polite.
What does your boyfriend like?
a) He’s tall and has wavy brown hair.
b) Skiing and going to the cinema with me.
c) He’s clever and very polite.
Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 1 p3
Part 1
[Track 7]
You are going to hear five short recordings. Listen and choose the correct
answer for each one.
Which of these is
a) She never lies. b) She’s 17. c) She lies about her age.
Which question is the speaker answering?
a) What does he look like? b) What is he like? c) What does he like?
Which of these sentences is
a) The train to Oxford leaves from platform 2.
b) The train at 12.40 is to Oxford.
c) The train on platform 1 goes to London.
Which of these sentences is true?
a) Guests can stay all night.
b) You’re not allowed to smoke in the kitchen.
c) You have to turn off your TV at midnight.
Who lives in the house?
a) Linda b) Gary c) Stan
Part 2
[Track 8]
Listen to the conversation between Adam and Janet and decide if the
sentences are true (T), false (F) or if there is no information (N).
Adam has a favourite place.
He likes the fact that travelling is full of surprises.
He didn’t buy a ticket for the trip up river.
Adam can speak Spanish.
He had to walk through the jungle.
Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 1 p4
Part 1
Read the article and complete 1–5 with phrases from the box. There are three extra
be myself I could see I couldn’t believe I don’t see myself
I consider myself I’m proud to be make a first impression people consider
Being famous can be a real problem. It’s not that I don’t like being famous, it’s
just that it means
people have expectations about you, even when they’ve never met you before.
Most people have a chance
_______________ but when you’re famous you often don’t have that
opportunity. I mean,
_______________ to be honest, reliable and friendly and yet that doesn’t seem
to be the impression
that strangers have of me. I guess it’s because they think of me more as the
characters I play in films
and that annoys me.
A woman once came up to me in the street and said, “You are really nasty.” and
then walked away. I just stood there completely shocked, but
my wife smiling. All evening she kept on saying to me, “Now, don’t be nasty.”
It’s as though I lead a double life. On TV or in films I’m one person, and this is the
public one that
_______________ to be the real me, and then at home there’s the other me, the
one that only my close friends and family really know. I guess that’s why my
private life is so important to me and why I’m very close to my family.
It’s a shame really, but I’ve been thinking about moving to Los Angeles. At least
there I won’t be the only famous person and maybe people will leave me alone.
It’s a bit annoying because
_______________ as being any different from most people. I have a family I
love, a job a really enjoy and I just want to be left alone to live my life.
Straightforward Intermediate Progress Test 1 p5
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