Strong Adjectives, Intermediate Vocabulary Questions

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Strong Adjectives1. The weather wasn't just cold, it was absolutely _______.a) chillyb) coolc) mildd) freezing2. Her brother isn't just tall, he's _______.a) wideb) highc) enormousd) straight3. The party wasn't just bad, it was _______.a) terrificb) totalc) terribled) thick4. My mother's a good cook, but my aunt is a ________ cook.a) greatb) nicec) bigd) helpful5. The first bar was quite busy, the second was really ______.a) openb) crowdedc) slowd) happy6. When I told him the news he wasn't angry - he was bloody _______.a) terribleb) awfulc) loudd) furious7. Ten years ago this was a small business, now it's absolutely ________.a) terribleb) terrifyingc) huged) exhautsed8. Your room is small, but mine is worse, it's ______.a) smallb) largec) tinyd) low9. 'My hands aren't dirty!' - 'No, they're not dirty, they are _______.'a) muddyb) awfulc) ancientd) filthy10. The weather the first day was hot. The second day it was _______ - we stayed inside with the air conditioner on full.a) freshb) boilingc) freezingd) humid11. The homework wasn't difficult, it was ______.a) impoliteb) impatientc) impossibled) important12. The food in the restaurant is often good. Last night it was absolutely _______.a) niceb) deliciousc) okayd) good [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]