Strong as Steel, Ciekawee, Krija Joga, Shakti Kriya

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Become Strong as Steel
May 21, 1984
This yoga set is physically demanding, every exercise is to be
done with maximum strength and speed.
Raise left leg 60˚ out to the side while you simultaneously raise it 60˚ up
1. Lie down flat on your back with your hands by your sides.
Lift the left leg sixty degrees up from the floor while, at the
same time, angling it out to the side at sixty degrees. Then
lower it back to the floor. Continue raising and lowering the
left leg to these angles. Don’t bend your knees, keep both legs
straight. Move quickly: up and down should be done in one
second. Breathe heavily and push yourself. 3 Minutes.
“A master takes
little and gives
a lot.”
2. Change legs, raising the right leg up to sixty degrees and
out to the side at a sixty-degree angle and then lowering it. Put
yourself into the exercise heart and soul. The movement has
to be strong, with total tension in the muscles. Keep your legs
straight. Move fast with a heavy breath. 2 1/2 Minutes.
3. Still lying on your back with the legs stretched out straight
and your heels together. Put your hands under your head.
Inhale and lift both legs up to sixty degrees, while at the same
time spreading the legs so that each leg is out to the side at
sixty degrees. The heels start out together on the ground and
the legs open apart as you lift them up and out to the sides.
Exhale and lower your legs back down so that the heels come
together as your legs touch the floor. Continue this up-as-you-
open-your-legs, down-as-you-close-your-legs movement. Move
with the breath. Start slowly, but quickly build up to a rapid
pace. 2 Minutes.
In this exercise, the navel will move and the sciatica nerve
will stretch.
4. Relax 4 Minutes.
5. Lie on your back. Interlace your fingers and raise your
arms up to ninety degrees. Inhale, come sitting up, and bend
forward to touch the ground, looping your interlaced hands
around your feet. Exhale and lie back down. Move quickly
with a strong breath. 2 1/2 Minutes.
6. Balance on your hands and feet, angling your body into a
triangle shape, so that your arms and legs are at a sixty-degree
angle to the floor. Create a secure and balanced position. Move
so that your upper body comes six inches forward and return
to the starting position. Continue rocking forward and back.
One forward and back movement takes two seconds. Feet
remain stationary. 2 Minutes.
7. Come up into Half Wheel Pose. Begin Breath of Fire. Pump
your navel; pump it like it’s a dancing bird. 1 1/2 Minutes.
8. Lie flat on your back, with your legs out straight and your
heels together. Shake your legs, moving hips, thighs, calves, and
feet. Move vigorously and powerfully to refresh the blood
supply to your legs. 2 Minutes.
9. Lie on your back with your spine straight, legs together,
arms pressing into your sides. Bundle roll from side to side:
from the starting position, roll to the left side over onto your
stomach. Then roll back to the starting position. Then roll to
the right side from your back onto your stomach. Move quickly.
Continue 1 1/2 Minutes. This exercise tunes up the whole
nervous system.
Bundle roll one turn to the left
Bundle roll one turn to the right
10. Lie on your back. Bring your knees to your chest and hold
onto your toes. Straighten your legs up to ninety degrees and
lower them back to your chest. Move like a steam engine up
and down. 2 Minutes.
11. Lie down in Baby Pose with your arms by your sides palms
up. Lift your buttocks up and down in a fast, hammering
motion. This exercise builds your lungs. 3 Minutes.
12. Sit in Easy Pose with your arms stretched out in front
parallel to the floor. Keep the chin in and chest out, holding
the spine and neck straight. Move the arms up and down in
unison. Beat the air with all the strength you have. Keep your
arms straight from shoulder to fingertips. You are pumping
blood to the brain so the movement must be fast and strong.
3 1/2 Minutes.
13. Sit up with your legs stretched out straight. Hold your toes,
keeping your spine straight. Bend forward, bringing your chest
toward your thighs, and then rise back up, moving quickly.
One up and down should take only one second. Get mad and
move fast, using your anger to fuel the movement.
1 1/2 Minutes.
14. Sit up with your legs still stretched out straight, heels
together and feet flexed. Hold your toes and stretch backward
as far as you can. Pump your navel as fast as a rattlesnake can
shake its tail. 1 Minute.
15. Sit up straight “like a yogi” with your hands in your lap,
palms up, right hand resting in the left hand with the thumbs
touching. Rapidly chant “Har, Har, Haree” in a monotone
using the tip of the tongue. (One repetition of the mantra takes
1 second.) 2 1/2 Minutes.
Then inhale and hold the breath for 15 seconds and use
the tip of the tongue to repeat the mantra
without making any
. Inhale again, hold the breath 10 seconds, and relax.
16. Lie down flat on your back with your hands by your sides
palms up. Totally relax your body. Concentrate at your third
eye point. 8 Minutes. (In class, Yogi Bhajan played a gong
meditation to “fly your soul.” By listening to this gong
meditation while concentrating at the third eye, Yogi Bhajan
said that you could become fearless. It is worth acquiring the
tape to experience this gong meditation.)
17. Wake yourself up. Move your feet round and round. Move
your legs round and round, Move your hips round and round.
Move your chest up and down and back and forth. Move your
arms round and round. Move your neck round and round and
then get up.
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