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You can have a great training program, the best equipment,
a perfect nutritional plan, an ideal rest and sleep schedule,
and the most positive attitude in the world, but it will all be
largely if not totally wasted if you do not use good exercise
In order of priority, exercise technique comes BE-
FORE program design.
Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people, if not mil-
lions, have been forced to give up weight training because of
pain and injuries caused by using faulty exercise form. But
apply what you learn from this book and you will be able to
train safely for a lifetime.
hough it may seem unbelievable, gyms are usually terrible
places for learning about good exercise form. You need to be
knowledgeable enough so that you can take full responsibility
for your training. hat is where this book comes in.
Read – Grasp – Apply – Persist – ACHIEVE!
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This book is for you if you are any of these:
• bodybuilder
• fitness trainee
• strength trainee
• powerlifter
he emphasis you place on weight training will vary according to your specific interest, and the
degree of size and strength you desire. But the pool of the most effective exercises you can select
from is universal to almost everyone who lifts weights.
When you lift weights, the bottom line is exactly the same no matter who you are, what your
goals are, or where you train:
If you want your training to be successful, and not cause in-
juries, you must use excellent exercise form.
• Without excellent exercise technique, your physique, strength or fitness goals can
never be achieved.
• Properly done, all weight-training activities are safe and hugely satisfying. But too
few people experience the rewards of weight training—and largely because they use
poor exercise form.
• he use of excellent exercise form is the exception in nearly all gyms, not the rule.
Do not expect to learn first-class exercise technique from a gym.
In step-by-step detail this book will teach you precisely how
to use excellent exercise technique.
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What others are saying…
Here are some excerpts from a review by Dr. Gregory Steiner in the March 999 issue of CONTACT, the Pro-
fessional Journal of the British Chiropractic Association. Dr. Steiner was specifically addressing chiroprac-
tors, but because the book is strongly recommended for chiropractors and their patients, it is also strongly
recommend for
who lifts weights. In fact, by following the advice of this book, you should
tain a serious training-related injury, and thus never need to be treated for one.
“Here is a book for any chiropractor or patient who ever touches a barbell — and wants to train injury-free for his
or her entire life. he focus of the well-written, safety-first THE INSIDER’S TELL-ALL HANDBOOK ON WEIGHT-
TRAINING TECHNIQUE is to contribute to the booming world of fitness by clearly explaining to the weight trainee
how and why to perform useful, effective exercises in a cartilage, ligament and tendon friendly way. he author does
all of this in a motivating style.
“As a clinician for eight years, and exercise fanatic for twenty, I have been pleased to come across this book, and have
recommended it in the strongest terms to my patients who train with weights. he book has added value because it
reads well for beginners and even for experienced trainers who need fine-tuning in performance form.
“All major exercises are detailed, and even more importantly, techniques for training the rotator cuff, neck, wrists and
fingers are included, along with the ‘reverse back extension’ for the glutes and paravertebrals.
“According to McRobert, when referring to exercise technique: ‘Make no compromises, ever!’”
And here is just one comment from the great many received from readers of the first edition of this book.
his comment is very typical, and reflects what thousands of people have discovered.
“I’ve been lifting weights for most of my life now. I’m no novice. So I was blown away when I realized, after reading
your book, how much I didn’t know about proper exercise form. I can’t recommend this book enough.”
– John Leschinski, Connell, Washington
Stuart McRobert
The illustrated step-by-step guide to
perfecting your exercise form for
injury-free maximum gains
2nd edition
The Insider’s Tell-All Handbook On
Weight-Training Technique
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